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The government’s primary responsibility is to provide public safety to its community. Public safety will always be my top priority because I serve the people – not a party.

As sheriff, I am the only locally elected constitutional law enforcement officer. I am a highly qualified and proven leader with decades of public service to this community. Since being in office, my agency is now one of the most diverse offices within the county.

Throughout my years of public service, I received numerous awards and recognition for my accomplishments in law enforcement. My most rewarding accomplishment is the honor of serving this wonderful community.

In collaboration with public safety personnel, I am responsible for creating meaningful programs to protect the basic health and welfare of this community. I established faith-based programs, General Education Diploma (GED) classes, and drug treatment programs. The positive impact of these programs enabled hundreds of former inmates to successfully reintegrate back into the community and are now productive members of society.

As sheriff, I will continue to protect and serve this community while treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Be a smart public safety voter who cares about your community. Vote to re-elect Glen Hill for Sheriff. #PuttingCommunityFirst #VoteEarly #glenhillforsheriff

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